where the name came from

Mistakes made quickly become learning curves and we continue to move forward. Allowing your foundation to be set, you have a solid place to return to as you move, find, and engage the freedom in every pocket of life. To find truth that may seem obvious from the outer shell is indeed intriguing and painful. We all can relate. Connection is what we long for and what we are beautifully and wonderfully made to seek out. How one finds connection is endless, but what impacts a life is that unique change of perspective, intentional risk and having the self-control to let go of control. 

To dare go beyond the zone of comfort, you instantly find excuses to throw yourself back into the known of your world. We all wonder why what we desire, protest, or demand from others is never satisfying. The grass is the same color on the other side, and we have to find a way to seek contentment in our own yard. We can all become homeless without community, and we all need a starting point, a name. To be known, to share our story and to simply give.  Ever wonder where homeless people got that black marker? [Not here, but cool name!] What their sign said with that black marker? [Sounds like a raw version of website] What they hope to get, simply starting with a black marker? [change]

Sounded like a great name. And the perfect parallel of starting a design company. Welcome to Black Marker Design.